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Antigone by Sophocles - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 775 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2019/05/28 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Antigone Essay Did you like this example? Antigone by Sophocles is one of the most well-written Greek tragedies. At first, it may seem that Antigone is the tragic hero, but details support the fact that Kreon is the tragic hero. Kreon may be seen as neither good nor bad, which is why readers might feel an understanding or connection between themselves and Kreon. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Antigone by Sophocles" essay for you Create order Kreon is not trying to be unjust, biased, or wrongful, but his decisions make him seem that way and affect many of the outcomes throughout the story. Kreons powerful and unjust leadership, his pride, and his dynamic nature make him a tragic hero. Kreon has a very significant role in the play as the ruler of Thebes. As a ruler, his voice is heard, and his ideas are put into action. Throughout the play it is made apparent that he believes that only his opinion matters. Kreon has put in place harsh punishments to prevent people from going against him. Toward the beginning of the play, Kreons rise to power is met with hopefulness, especially by the Chorus. Kreon takes the time to speak positively and supportively about Thebes: For the state is safety / When she is steady, then we can steer (ll. 227-228). Kreon seems to be prioritizing what is right for Thebes. As the storyline goes on, however, Kreon becomes close-minded and focused only on his views about the loss of Eteocles and Polyneices. Kreon becomes more like a dictator of Thebes. After he realizes that people are rebelling, Kreon says the following to Koryphaios and the Sentry: Youll see: When you have it, shame makes you hide it; / that kind of money wrecks men / and few escape alive. (ll. 389-392) This is an example of the tone Kreon uses toward his people now that he has taken on a dominant role over Thebes. It becomes clear that Kreon is stubborn and has a lot of pride. On pg. 61, this pride begins to work against him. Kreons faults and decisions have caused him guilt. As you read the work, you notice that everything pertaining to the plot revolves around his sense of pride. Antigones role is used to emphasize Kreonrs pride. Antigone is not the tragic heroine, and she suffers from Kreons actions. When Antigone is caught burying Polyneices, Kreon uses her fault to build his own sense of pride: With that I have everything. (l. 606) Kreon believes that, as a leader, being wrong is a disgrace. Teiresias tells Kreon: Stubbornness is stupidity. It is criminal. (l. 1185) The state is sick. (l. 1170) Kreon feels that Teiresias is in no position to be giving a leader advice. Kreon believes his actions are already fair and just. Teiresias words to Kreon seem to matter little to him. Throughout the story, Kreons emotions change. This makes him a dynamic character. For most of the story, Kreon is stubborn and shows little sympathy or care for any of the characters. Kreon expresses anger in the beginning when he realizes that people are going behind his back. As the story continues, Teiresias comes to predict the future for Kreon. Although Kreon avoids Teiresias words at first, Koryphaios agrees with Teiresias, which causes Kreon to doubt himself. Kreon says: What should I do? Tell me. I promise to comply. (l. 1275). When Koryphaios tells Kreon to let Antigone out of the tomb, Kreon replies: Thats your advice? To give in? (l. 1278). Kreon is confused, because he hasnt taken into account other peoples perspectives. It is at this point that Kreon begins to acknowledge his flaw. When the Messenger returns with the information that Antigone, Haimon, and Eurydice are dead, Kreon truly realizes what he has done: I am grief (l. 1503). Kreons emotions change dramatically at this point, and his eyes are opened to his new reality. In conclusion, Kreons forceful and close-minded leadership, his pride, and his complex nature, make him the tragic hero. Looking back on the text, you realize that too much pride is always punished, despite the characterrs status or power ranking. Kreon does not come into his position with too much pride, but he gains it as the events in the story unfold. Although he does not die, the loss of family and everything he had is something that Kreon will never be able to erase: Hurry, take me out of the way. Im nobody. Im nothing (l. 1511) Kreon will carry the guilt from his actions on his shoulders forever, causing him to step down in power. Kreon feels that he is no longer fit for ruling because of his mistakes that cannot be taken back. This shows that Kreon has weaknesses that cause him to be a tragic hero.

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Ukrainian Society Values - 1491 Words

Society Values in Ukraine The notion of society values includes the attitude of society towards such important issues as family, state and its politics, religion, law, education, different social classes and here we also speak about self-image of the nation and its image abroad. In general, the majority of Ukrainians inclines toward conservatism when talking about tradition, morality or world-view. Among life values the respondents named health (75%) and material well-being (86%) to be the most important. Knowledge, intellectual development and independence in actions take last places in the list of priorities. 1 Health – 75,9% 2 Wealthy life – 68,1% 3 Happy family life – 51,7% 4 Good overall situation in the country – 38,1% 5†¦show more content†¦One third of respondents consider subornation of voters during electoral campaigns acceptable but only 15% of respondents accept the situation of electoral promises back-word. Europe is awfully concerned with Ukrainian political values which, on one hand, lack dramatically such core values as democracy, rule of law and freedom of speech, pluralism, and on the other hand, demonstrate abundant cases of personal enrichment of individual politicians. Communication in society Ukrainians treat very rich and very poor people almost in the same negative way. 79% respondents said there is enmity towards rich people in society, almost 80% claim the existence of enmity towards homeless people. More than a half of Ukrainians think one has every reason to speak about development of xenophobia in Ukraine. 41% of respondents speak about the existence of religious intolerance. Family Values and Youth Values The Ukrainian youth of today is said to be much different compared to twenty years ago. The young men and women are often called a whole new generation and social research institutes conduct surveys to learn all they can about their values and principles. When it comes to getting married and raising a family, the majority of Ukrainian youth thinks that two children are sufficient. Plus, 40% think its wise to test a relationship by living together before tying the knot. In regards to education, theShow MoreRelatedHow Education can Transform Ukraine, A Speech1799 Words   |  7 Pagesprevious panelist Ms. Lada Roslycky that it matters to the Ukrainian public how you and I think. Education as a soft power is definitely a matter of national security for Ukraine. At the outset, I would like to apologise profusely for the somewhat unstructured presentation. In my talk, I would like to address the issue of changing Ukraine through education, but I acknowledge being biased and have to warn you that I am no expert on the Ukrainian higher education. The Romanian-born German Nobel PrizeRead More Reflections on Shevchenkos Kateryna Essay example1708 Words   |  7 Pagesserfdom in the Ukraine. The irony was written when his own freedom was purchased by a friend. Women are usually seen as becoming impregnated by Moscals and then abandon by their impregnators. Shevchenko desire is to reveal how the czars imprison the Ukrainian people just as women are put into a prison by the seduction of the soldiers from Moscow. Problem Statement Taras Shevchenko, through his poem, Kateryna, was addressing the issue of Petersburg imposing serfdom upon the Ukraine. He used the symbolRead MoreThe Death Of The Soviet Republic1392 Words   |  6 Pagesdiminish Ukrainian nationalism, and control the grain production of Soviets. This was done successfully by the process of collectivisation, and intentional starvation of his people. This calamity was entirely preventable, as food was being produced, but only used to export, leaving the people of the Ukraine starving. Although it only lasted a few years this genocide left effects on the Ukraine that are still seen today. This catastrophe broke several human rights laws, by depriving Ukrainians of a standardRead MoreUkraine : A Large And Pivotal State1085 Words   |  5 Pageshas long been the source of conflict and dispute in the region, and has led to violent armed conflict in recent years. The country has a rich history and unique culture which deserve detailed analysis. In this paper, I will explore the geography, society, government, economy, infrastructure, military, and transnational issues of Ukraine. Geography Ukraine derives its name for the old east Slavic word â€Å"ukraina,† meaning borderland or militarized border region. This accurately reflect the nature ofRead MoreHofstede s Six Dimensions Of Culture1119 Words   |  5 Pagesperson has to lead a team consisting of intercultural people or even when a leader has to move to a different country, the cultural differences might become an obstacle for successful leadership. Different countries, nations have different history, values, religion. A successful leader has to understand such differences to be effective. Hofstede’s Six Dimensions of Culture is an effective framework that helps to find and understand cultural differences of other parts of the world and to overcome theRead More Canada Lacks A Real National Identity Essay1134 Words   |  5 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;I believe that Canada lacks a real national identity. Canadians tend to identify with community and region rather than the nation. Because Canada has such a great cultural diversity the Canadian identity is shaped by our values and attitudes as they have emerged from our history and geography. Bilingualism and multiculturalism are very important to the Canadian identity. They both strengthen and challenge Canadian identity. Because Canada has so many cultural and regionalRead MoreDifferent Cultures That Define Different Types Of People1568 Words   |  7 PagesThese cultures combined can make an extraordinary person. We are shaped and molded by our cultures. The education we receive will influence our intake of knowledge. Family influences our habits and instincts. Materialistic wealth changes the way we value other things. Morals influence our beliefs. Spirituality changes our faith, and friends influence our interaction with others. Hermann Hesse wrote of a man who desires enlightenment in Siddhartha. Siddhartha and his family were very wealthy. Siddhartha’sRead MoreReasearch Corruption And Health Issues2110 Words   |  9 Pageshealthcare establishments and doctors that carry out economic activity on medical practice as individuals-entrepreneurs with whom agreements on the service of rendering free aid were signed. Corruption in ukraine is a widespread going in the ukraine society. High levels of corruption among Ukraine’s top officials represents a major obstacle for foreign investment in the country.Ukraine has amended its anti-corruption legislation to comply with the recommendations given by the European Commission on improvingRead MoreRussia And Russi Russia854 Words   |  4 Pageshistory these countries share. The relationship between Russia and Ukraine deteriorated because of Ukrainian efforts to embrace Western ideals and its decision to apply for NATO membership. Remembering the humiliation of the Soviet Union breakup and the troubles Russia faced caused Putin to lash out. First, by annexing part of Ukraine (Crimea) and then by supporting pro-Russian rebels fighting the Ukrainian government. In the face of this problem, the United States has three main national interestsRead MoreThe Subject-Matter of the Contrastive Lexicology of English and Ukrainian3384 Words   |  14 PagesChapter 1. The subject-matter of the contrastive lexicology of English and Ukrainian 1. Fundamentals 1.1. Object of lexicology. 1.2. Subdivisions of lexicology. 2. Tasks of contrastive lexicology. Its theoretical and practical value. The gift of language is the single human trait that marks us all genetically from the rest of life . Lewis Thomas. The Lives of a

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What Is The Ercp Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

ERCP is a diagnostic trial to analyze the duodenum ( the first part of the little bowel ) , the papilla of Vater ( a little nipple-like construction with gaps taking to the gall canals and the pancreatic canal ) , the gall canals, the gall bladder and the pancreatic canal. The process is performed by utilizing a long, flexible, sing instrument ( a duodenoscope ) about the diameter of a pen. The duodenoscope is flexible and can be directed and moved around the many decompression sicknesss of the tummy and bowel. We will write a custom essay sample on What Is The Ercp Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Two types of duodenoscopes are presently available. A fiberoptic duodenoscope uses a thin fiberoptic package to convey images to the lens at the sing terminal of the instrument. A videoscope uses a thin wire with a bit at the tip of the instrument to convey images to a Television screen. The duodenoscope is inserted through the oral cavity, to the dorsum of the pharynx, down the nutrient pipe, through the tummy and into the first part of the little bowel ( duodenum ) . Once the papilla of Vater is identified, a little plastic catheter ( cannula ) is passed through an unfastened channel of the duodenoscope into the papilla of Vater, and into the gall ducts and/or the pancreatic canal. Contrast stuff ( dye ) is so injected and X raies are taken of the gall canals and the pancreatic canal. The unfastened channel besides allows other instruments to be passed through it in order to execute biopsies, to infix plastic or metal tubing to alleviate obstructor of gall canals caused by maligna nt neoplastic disease or scarring, and to execute scratch by utilizing electrocautery ( electric heat ) . For farther information on the anatomy and physiology of bile production ( by the liver ) and circulation, delight see the Gallstones article. The liver is a big solid organ located beneath the right stop. The liver produces gall, which is stored in the gall bladder ( a little pouch located beneath the liver ) . After repasts, the gall bladder contracts and empties the gall through the cystic canal, into the gall canals, through the papilla of Vater, and into the bowel to assist with digestion. The pancreas is located behind the tummy. It besides produces digestive juice which drains through the pancreatic canal into the papilla of Vater, and into the bowel. What sort of readying is required? For the best possible scrutiny, the tummy must be empty. The patient should non eat anything after midnight on the eventide predating the test. In instance the process is performed early in the forenoon, no liquid should be taken. In instance the scrutiny is performed at midday clip, a cup of tea, juice, milk, or java can be taken 4 hours earlier. Heart and blood force per unit area medicines should ever be taken with a little sum of H2O in the early forenoon. Since the process will necessitate endovenous sedation, the patient needs to hold a comrade thrust him/her place after the process. What can be expected during and after the process? The patient will be given medicine through a vena to do relaxation and drowsiness. The patient will be given some local anaesthetic to diminish the joke physiological reaction. Some doctors do non utilize local anaesthetic and prefer to give the patients more endovenous medicine for sedation. This besides applies to those patients who have a history of allergic reaction to Xylocaine, can non digest the acrimonious gustatory sensation of the local anaesthetic, or the numbness esthesis in the pharynx. While the patient is lying on the left side on the x-ray tabular array, the endovenous medicine is given and so the instrument inserted gently through the oral cavity into the duodenum. The instrument advances through the nutrient pipe and non the air pipe. It does non interfere with the external respiration and gagging is normally prevented or decreased by the medicine. When the patient is in semi-conscious province, he/she can still follow instructions to alter the place on the x-rays tabular array. Once the instrument has been advanced into the tummy, there is minimum uncomfortableness except for the foreign organic structure esthesis in the pharynx. The process can last any where from 15 proceedingss to one hr, depending on the accomplishment of the doctor and the anatomy or abnormalcies in that country. After the process, the patients should be observed in the recovery country until most of the effects from the medicine have worn off. This normally takes one to two hours. The patient may experience bloated or somewhat nauseated from the medicine or the process. Very seldom a patient experiences purging and may burp or go through some gas through the rectum. Upon discharge, the patient should be driven place by his/her comrade and is advised to remain place for the remainder of the twenty-four hours. The patient can restart usual activity the following twenty-four hours. Even though the doctor may explicate to the patient or comrade sing the findings after the process, it is still necessary to name the doctor the following twenty-four hours to guarantee that the patient understands the consequences of the scrutiny. What are the grounds for the scrutiny? The liver, bile canals, gall bladder, pancreas and the papilla of Vater can be involved in legion diseases, doing myriad of symptoms. ERCP is used in naming and handling the undermentioned conditions: Gallstones in the gall canal Obstruction of the gall canal by rocks, malignant neoplastic disease, stenosis or compaction from next variety meats Jaundice ( xanthous colouring of the tegument ) due to obstructor of the gall canal, besides doing darkening of the urine and light coloured stool. Persistent or recurrent upper abdominal hurting which can non be diagnosed by other trials Unexplained loss of appetency and weight loss Confirming the diagnosing of malignant neoplastic disease of the pancreas or the bile canal, so that surgery or other intervention can be tailored What are the side effects and hazards of the process? ERCP is a extremely specialised process which requires a batch of experience and accomplishment. The process is rather safe and is associated with a really low hazard when it is performed by experient doctors. The success rate in executing this process varies from 70 % to 95 % depending on the experience of the doctor. Complications can happen in about one to five per centum depending on the accomplishment of the doctor and the implicit in upset. The most common complication is pancreatitis which is due to annoyance of the pancreas and can happen even in really experient doctors. This â€Å" injection â€Å" pancreatitis is normally treated in the infirmary for one to two yearss. Another possible complication is infection. Other serious hazards including perforation of the intestine, drug reactions, hemorrhage, depressed external respiration, irregular bosom round or bosom onslaught are highly rare. In instance of complication, patient demands to be hospitalized and surgery is seld om required. In drumhead, ERCP is a instead simple outpatient scrutiny that is performed with the patient sedated. The process provides important information upon which specific intervention can be tailored. In certain instances, therapy can be performed at the same clip through the duodenoscope, so that traditional unfastened surgeries can be avoided. ERCP is presently the diagnostic and curative process of pick in most patients for placing and taking bilestones in the gall canals. Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatography at a Glance ERCP is a diagnostic process to analyze diseases of the liver, bile canals and pancreas. ERCP is performed under endovenous sedation, normally without general anaesthesia. ERCP is an uncomfortable but non painful process. There is a low incidence of complications. ERCP can supply of import information that can non be obtained by other diagnostic scrutinies, e.g. abdominal ultrasound, CT scan, endoscopic echography ( EUS ) , or MRI. Frequently, curative steps can be performed at the clip of ERCP to take rocks in the gall ducts or to alleviate obstructors of the gall canals. Front View of the Pancreas The pancreas is about 6 inches long and sits across the dorsum of the venters, behind the tummy. The caput of the pancreas is on the right side of the venters and is connected to the duodenum ( the first subdivision of the little bowel ) through a little tubing called the pancreatic canal. The narrow terminal of the pancreas, called the tail, extends to the left side of the organic structure Front View of the Spleen The lien is an organ in the upper far left portion of the venters, to the left of the tummy. The spleen varies in size and form between people, but it ‘s normally fist-shaped, violet, and about 4 inches long. Because the lien is protected by the rib coop, you ca n’t easy experience it unless it ‘s abnormally enlarged. The lien plays multiple back uping functions in the organic structure. It acts as a filter for blood as portion of the immune system. Old ruddy blood cells are recycled in the lien, and thrombocytes and white blood cells are stored at that place. The lien besides helps contend certain sorts of bacteriums that cause pneumonia and meningitis Stomach The tummy is a muscular pouch located on the left side of the upper venters. The tummy receives nutrient from the gorge. As nutrient reaches the terminal of the gorge, it enters the tummy through a muscular valve called the lower esophageal sphincter. The tummy secretes acid and enzymes that digest nutrient. Ridges of musculus tissue called rugae line the tummy. The tummy muscles contract sporadically, churning nutrient to heighten digestion. The pyloric sphincter is a muscular valve that opens to let nutrient to base on balls from the tummy to the little bowel. ERCP ERCP stands for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. Equally difficult as this is to state, the thought behind the test is reasonably simple. A dye is injected into the gall and pancreatic canals utilizing a flexible, video endoscope. Then X raies are taken to sketch the gall canals and pancreas. The liver produces gall, which flows through the canals, base on ballss or fills the gall bladder and so enters the bowel ( duodenum ) merely beyond the tummy. The pancreas, which is six to eight inches long, sits behind the tummy. This organ secretes digestive enzymes that flow into the bowel through the same gap as the gall. Both gall and enzymes are needed to digest food.http: // Equipment The flexible endoscope is a singular piece of equipment that can be directed and moved around the many decompression sicknesss in the upper GI piece of land. The endoscopes have a bantam, optically sensitive computing machine bit at the terminal. Electronic signals are so transmitted up the range to the computing machine which so displays the image on a big picture screen. An unfastened channel in the range allows other instruments to be passed through it to execute biopsies, inject solutions, make scratchs or topographic point stents. Reasons for the Exam Due to factors related to diet, environment and heredity, the gall canals, gall bladder and pancreas are the place of legion upsets. These can develop into a assortment of diseases and/or symptoms. ERCP helps in naming and handling these conditions. ERCP may be used for: Gallstones, which are trapped in the chief gall canal Obstruction of the gall canal To measure xanthous icterus, which turns the tegument yellow and the urine dark Cancer of the gall ducts or pancreas Pancreatitis ( redness of the pancreas ) Infections of the gall canals Leaks of the bile canal or pancreatic canal Preparation The lone readying needed before an ERCP is to non eat or imbibe for eight hours prior to the process. You may be asked to halt certain medicines such as acetylsalicylic acid or other blood dilutants before the process. Check with the doctor. The Procedure An ERCP uses X ray and is performed in a room specially equipped for X raies. The patient is positioned on his or her tummy or left side with the caput turned to the right.A The patient is sedated and a piece of plastic placed in the oral cavity to maintain the oral cavity unfastened. The endoscope is so gently inserted into the upper gorge. The patient breathes easy throughout the test, with muzzling seldom happening. A thin tubing is inserted through the endoscope to the chief gall canal come ining the duodenum. Dye is so injected into this bile canal and/or the pancreatic canal and x-ray movies are taken. If a bilestone is found, stairss may be taken to take it. An scratch can be made utilizing electrocautery ( electrical heat ) to open the lower part of the canal as it enters the duodenum. Additionally, it is possible to widen narrowed canals and to put little tube, called stents, in these countries to maintain them unfastened. The exam takes from 20 to 40 proceedingss, but could take up to an hr or more, depending on the complexness of the process, after which the patient is taken to the recovery area.http: // Consequences After the test, the doctor explains the consequences. If the effects of the depressants are prolonged, the doctor may propose an assignment for a ulterior day of the month when the patient can to the full understand the consequences. Benefits An ERCP is performed chiefly to place and/or correct a job in the gall ducts or pancreas. This means the trial enables a diagnosing to be made upon which specific intervention can be given. If a bilestone is found during the test, it can frequently be removed, extinguishing the demand for major surgery. If a obstruction in the gall canal causes xanthous icterus or hurting, it can be relieved.http: // Alternate Testing ERCP is now mostly a curative process and reserved for state of affairss where an abnormalcy is expected.A Alternatives include a particular MRI of the gall canals ( MRCP ) , which enables review of the gall ducts without the hazard of ERCP.A Special ultrasound trials ( endoscopic ultrasound ) , CT-scan and atomic medical specialty X raies are besides ways to measure the gall canals and pancreas.A In add-on, dye can be injected into the gall canals by puting a needle through the tegument and into the liver. Small tube can so be threaded into the bile canals. Study of the blood besides can supply some indirect information about the canals and pancreas. Side Effectss and Hazards A impermanent, mild sore pharynx sometimes occurs after the test. Serious hazards with ERCP are comparatively uncommon. One such hazard is pancreatitis.A Because the pancreas and bile canals lie near to each other, there is a opportunity the pancreas can go inflamed.A It is of import to understand this hazard before continuing with an ERCP.A Other hazards include shed blooding, particularly if an scratch is necessary, perforation and infection.A These complications may necessitate hospitalization and, seldom, surgery.A It is of import to state your doctor if you are pregnant or if you have had anterior reactions to contrast agents.A Due to the mild sedation, the patient should non drive or run machinery for six hours following the test. For this ground, a driver should attach to the patient to the test. How to cite What Is The Ercp Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

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Political Philosophy and Medium-paragraph Length Answer free essay sample

1. Identify and explain the two objections that Michael Sandel raises about Jeremy Bentham’s philosophy of Utilitarianism. 2. What are the three types of policies and laws that Michael Sandel identifies as being commonly rejected by libertarians? Briefly explain each type of policy, and explain why libertarians are philosophically opposed to them. 3. According to Mary Anne Warren (in â€Å"On the Moral and Legal Status of Abortion†), what are the five central criteria for moral personhood, and what are the implications of this criteria on the issue of whether or not the fetus has the right to life? 4. According to Don Marquis (in â€Å"Why Abortion Is Immoral†), what is the property that the fetus possesses which makes abortion an immoral act? Why does Marquis say that abortion is just as wrong as killing an innocent adult person? 5. Judith Jarvis Thomson (in â€Å"A Defense of Abortion†) makes an argument about the morality of abortion when the pregnancy is due to rape by creating a fictitious example about being hooked up to an unconscious violinist. We will write a custom essay sample on Political Philosophy and Medium-paragraph Length Answer or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page What are the elements of her example that make it analogous to the situation of pregnancy due to rape? What is the conclusion she draws about the morality of abortion in this situation, and what is the basis for this conclusion? Submission Guidelines Include your name and the assignment name (Homework Assignment 1) in the text of the document Include your name and the assignment name (Homework Assignment 1) in the name of the file that you submit

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Discussion about Gods Country and American know-How an Example by

Discussion about Gods Country and American know-How What is American dream? Who are Americans? Why this nation consider themselves number one in the world? All these questions are interconnected. A dream about equal possibilities for everyone is phantom because each person is not equal by capabilities, someone was born handsome someone ugly, one can be intelligent or stupid, strong or weak. A person who was born in a rich family certainly has more possibilities than someone from an average family. But why is this myth so popular? In my opinion, because it is thoroughly nurtured by those who can benefit from hard work of a person who is blinded by his eagerness to achieve material success. This person is not aware that his profit will not compensate his loss of time, energy and health. (Baritz 1985) Need essay sample on "Discussion about Gods Country and American know-How" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed The circle of interests of such a person is limited by his couch, television and refrigerator. I think that superiors of this world stimulate such a life style because such a narrow-minded human mass can be easily ruled and manipulated. Large companies are interested to develop consumption instincts of average citizens. They aspire to expand their market and in order to get more goods a person has to spend more money and to spend more money one has to work harder. Unfortunately simple life style is not popular today. USA consumes the biggest part of world resources and I think it is not good when one country lives at the expense of others covering itself by false slogans about liberating other countries. (Baritz 1985) Vietnam and Iraq I am sure that so-called peace-making wars have no other motives but to capture control over natural resources. It is evident that the real purpose of war with Iraq was to get access to oilfields. As far as I know Iraq possesses 20% of world recourses of oil and prime cost of its production is one of the cheapest. Economy of USA is dependent on oil. It is very possible that after war with Iraq USA can unleash war with Iran. Actually the question of relationship between America and Muslim world is very interesting. This war can also be called ideological because it is confrontation of two cultures. It seems to me that USA rather aggressively imposes its values to other world and this influence is not always good, Middle East is more traditional and people are still loyal to laws of Koran. I consider that nowadays Muslim world is more faithful to its values than Christian one. One more reason of this confrontation is the difference between levels of life of these countries. American in tervention into Iraq provokes acting and potential terrorists to using any kinds of geophysical weapon. (Baritz 1985) What it means to be an American It is not truth that Americans are the freest nation in the world because they are slaves of their own illusions. I have an impression that they are ignorant about cultures of other countries especially of Asia and Eastern Europe. This ignorance allows them to consider their nation God-chosen comparing to other nations. I think it is very nice to love own country and to be proud for own nation. But considering oneself better than others using these others in ones own interests is nothing but expression of grown ego. No one was happy following the path of increasing ego. But Americans do not want to accept the truth. They prefer to hide it covering by pure motives of liberating other countries. I believe that the strength of America is in its spirit but abuse of strength ruins this spirit. Unleashed wars in Vietnam, Iraq and Yugoslavia will always remain indelible stain on historical tuxedo of USA. (Baritz 1985) Sources Baritz, Loren "God's Country and American Know-How", from Backfire, NY: Morrow, 1985 (19-54).

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buy custom Hydrogen Powered Vehicles essay

buy custom Hydrogen Powered Vehicles essay Research shows that hydrogen vehicles are the vehicles that use hydrogen as the main fuel for movement power. These include hydrogen fueled space rockets, automobiles as well as other vehicles used for transportation purposes. In most cases, the power producers of such vehicles tend to convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy through burning hydrogen in an internal combustion engine. In addition, they can be converted through the reaction of hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell to move the electric motors. Most people or vehicle firms are implementing the use of hydrogen for improving transportation in order to save on the economy of hydrogen. The hydrogen powered vehicles applies hydrogen as a fuel for motive power and it has shown to be the perfect option for a fuel source basing on the fact that fossil fuels on which most people are relying on currently are going to exhaust in future. Literature Review Research shows that hydrogen fuel is an energy carrier since it does not occur naturally on earth, hence not a source of energy. Today, hydrogen fuel is made from methane as well as other fuels (Bose, 2007). Hydrogen fuel can still be produced from other sources inclusive of solar, wind, or nuclear. These sources are known to be intermittent, extremely diffuse and highly cumbersome to enhance vehicles directly. In order to develop technologies that are low in costs, high quantities and compete favorably with the traditional energy sources, there is the integration of electrolysis of water to hind hydrogen plants in place. A high number of organizations are working extremely hard to establish technologies that may effectively exhaust the potential of hydrogen energy for automobile uses. A sizeable number of vehicles are already using hydrogen in different ways. For instance, currently there is a vehicle that uses solar power through the application of a regenerative fuel cell in maint aining energy in the form of hydrogen and oxygen gas. Research shows that such vehicles have the power of converting the fuel back into the water in order to release the solar energy. The production of hydrogen vehicles and some other automobiles are increasingly developing currently by various producers. Hydrogen is gaining high popularity among the users of nature given the fact that hydrogen is free from emission. In most cases, hydrogen powered vehicles employ hydrogen as the best catalyst to establish electric energy. In such cases, reactive fuel applies hydrogen to produce electricity that is used in providing power to the vehicle. In these vehicles, the chemical energy of hydrogen is changed to mechanical energy either through combustion or electrochemical conversion in a fuel cell. According to some literature reviews, there are different types of fuel cells where some cells are common to all. These involve the anode, electrolyte and catalyst which make the composite structure of fuel cells. According to the research, component of the anode is the negative point, whereas the cathode is the positive point of cell. Electrolyte is made from the solid polymer while the catalyst in the cell is made of platinum. In most cases, every component in the hydrogen powered vehicles has its own function which it plays because it is allocated a specific task. Hydrogen is put into the anode of the cell as the first step while the oxygen is provided by the atmosphere through the cathode. In addition, the anode through the assistance of the catalyst to separate the hydrogen cells and remove electrons from it, hence makes the electrons to be passed to a different external circuit. This make sit easy to form an electric current. Therefore, through the electric current produced, th e vehicle is able to move forward. As a result the hydrogen cells devoid of electrons and the electrons that were transferred to the outside circuit are brought back in order to combine with oxygen. Depending on the reaction made by the catalyst between the two components, there is the formation of water. Moreover, there is the arrangement of cells in a certain pattern in order to enhance the energy that is needed so as to power a hydrogen vehicle. Further research shows that in most hydrogen powered vehicles, hydrogen is combusted in engines in the same way that gasoline is done in traditional gasoline internal combustion engine vehicles (Padro, 2000). This makes the engine to function in a traditional manner, although there is a small modification in fuel storage and engine body. These engines are developed in away that lead to the burn of hydrogen to provide energy, hence not producing any dangerous gases. According to the studies, each invention and discovery creates a step near to a new and advanced technology that makes the work relatively easier. Thus, various researchers are dealing and working extremely hard to make hydrogen the effective and efficient fuel of the future. The main intention of such innovations is to produce environmental friendly hydrogen powered vehiclesthat could later replace gas powered vehicles. In most cases, hydrogen is known to be a sensitive component particularly to auto ignition and backfires. The high temperatures produced by the combustion of hydrogen create an efficient engine, although may produce some nitrogen oxides, as well as water vapor. Therefore, due to the combustion properties of hydrogen vehicles, there is the possibility of hydrogen to power a traditional internal combustion engine as long as some more advanced modifications are made. This is in order to prevent flashbacks toward the usage and choosing the necessary materials for hydrogen. Researchers reveal that it is difficult for such engines to emit carbon dioxide, but instead it produces only vapour and a sizable amount of nitrogen oxides as by products of combustion. Because, hydrogen powered vehicles are enhanced by a fuel cell, such fuel based engine are mostly noiseless, do not produce pollutants, have a significant, long autonomy and a short refueling time compared to battery charging powered electric vehicles. When the vehicle is idle and may be held on jam it does not use energy and usees less gas at a significantly lower speed. Therefore, this implies that hydrogen powered vehicles are extremely economical and they provide a considerable number of green benefits. This is because even a small rise in the fuel emissions creates a tremendous difference in the entire life of the vehicle. A hydrogen powered vehicle reduces emissions by 20 to 30 percent over the most fuel efficient gas powered models (Adams, 2005). This, thus, shows the safety and effectiveness of the hydrogen powered vehicles. For instance, such vehicles have ample mileage, however, a person may save even more through the usage of the same kind of driving habits that provide th e driver better mileage. The whole country or the world turning to vehicles powered by hydrogen fuels instead of fossil fuels will automatically offer a considerable benefit both environmentally and health wise. The recent research shows that converting all vehicles in society to hydrogen fuel cell vehicles could result into improved air quality, health and climate significantly. This is because there will be the elimination of vehicle exhaust. For instance, studies show that wind and natural gas are excellent providers of the extreme potential of health benefits and, thus, could help to save a substantial number of the lives of people annually. The best benefit to the climate includes the wind which leads to the production of hydrogen through the wind electrolysis according to the current studies. The above literature reviews have made a significant contribution to this research through the provision of the necessary information required in completion of the research. For instance, through such literature reviews, there is relevant information that shows how the new technology of using hydrogen in vehicles is quite appealing to the people because of the benefits it provides. For instance, the hydrogen powered vehicles providemeans of making power extremely efficient and with less pollution. The studies also provided information concerning an electrochemical energy conversion device that is crucial in transforming the chemicals hydrogen and oxygen into water, hence, producing electricity in the process. In normal circumstances, a battery involves all its chemicals stored inside and it changes those chemicals into electricity. This implies that the battery may need a recharge or be thrown out once it dies. However, with the fuel cell, chemicals are continuously flowing into the cell and this makes it to last longer without dying. The reviews, thus, helped in building the research because through reading such literature, the research was able to be accomplished. For instance, it was revealed that hydrogen vehicles use hydrogen as the foremost source of power for movement. Strengths and Weaknesses of the Literature Review The strength of the above literature review was shown through the abundance of the information they offered throughout the research process. For instance, the research demonstrated that through the use of hydrogen in vehicles, there will be a reduced burning of increasingly limited petroleum reserves to power the vehicle. In such cases, a hydrogen internal combustion engine would be free from pollution and there will be no carbon emissions related to gasoline powered internal combustion engines. Apart from internal combustion powered vehicles, hydrogen can be employed to power vehicles through a fuel cell. This helps in separating one electron in a hydrogen element from a proton and applies the electronic to emit a stream of electricity. In addition, the literature was legitimate because it explained that fuel cells do not need fossil fuel to function, thus no pollution produced, hence making them the best option for internal combustion engine as the energy sources for the vehicles o f the twenty first century. However, the literature reviews had some weaknesses that did not provide or make the best contribution to the research. For instance, some literature sourses did not have the significant information concerning the topic of the study. Results of the Study The results show that information concerning the hydrogen powered vehicles is known and a considerable number of manufacturers are moving toward the production of such new advanced technologies. In addition, the research shows that the use of fossil fuels like petroleum and coal are the remains of the past buried beneath the earths surface many years ago. This implies that hydrogen powered vehicles have already found their way in the world. Therefore, through this research, relevant information concerning hydrogen powered vehicles is clearly explained. Discussion of the Results From the above research, the twenty first century is known to be a time of transformation because it will see the end of the widespread application of fossil fuels. The research shows that the use of fossil fuels like petroleum and coal are the remains of the past buried beneath the earths surface many years ago. This implies that hydrogen powered vehicles have already found their way in the world. This is because hydrogen is the most element that is in excess on the earth, hence hydrogen powered vehicles would make the limelight in the future (United Nations Environment Program, 2006). Although, hydrogen vehicles are not yet available in the market for use by the consumers, a good number of producers are showing of their idea cars and prototypes to get consumers interested about the coming years. Therefore, as a result of research, information concerning the hydrogen powered vehicles is known and a considerable number of manufacturers is moving toward the production of such new adva nced technologies. This is because they are affordable in terms of energy use, they are environmentally conducive and are safe. However, the main challenge for such new technologies includes the establishment of less expensive technology and a refueling infrastructure to meet the consumers needs. Therefore, the research is a confirmation of the previous studies concerning hydrogen powered vehicles where the inventions of such vehicles have been proved and most producers are working towards meeting the demands of people in all areas. Conclusion Through the study of hydrogen powered vehicles, a significant number of lessons or issues was learnt. For instance, through the research, it was revealed that hydrogen powered vehicles applies hydrogen as fuel for motive power and it has shown to be the perfect option for fuel source basing on the fact that fossil fuels on which most people are relying on currently are going to exhaust in future. A sizeable number of vehicles are already using hydrogen in different ways. For instance, currently there is a vehicle that uses solar power through the application of a regenerative fuel cell in maintaining energy in the form of hydrogen and oxygen gas. Each invention and discovery creates a step near to new and advanced technology that makes the work relatively easier. Thus, various researchers are dealing and working extremely hard to make hydrogen the effective and efficient fuel of the future. In most cases, hydrogen powered vehicles employ hydrogen as the best catalyst to establish ele ctric energy. In such cases, reactive fuel applies hydrogen to produce electricity that is used in providing power to the vehicle. In these vehicles the chemical energy of hydrogen is changed to mechanical energy either through combustion or electrochemical conversion in a fuel cell. Therefore, this implies that hydrogen powered vehicles are extremely economical and they provide a considerable number of green benefits. This is because even a small rise in the fuel emissions creates a big difference in the entire life of the vehicle. Therefore, from the above discussion, hydrogen powered vehicles are the best way to go for anyone intending to own a vehicle. This is because of the significant benefits that come with it just as discussed above. However, the study did not provide enough information concerning the negative issues of using the hydrogen powered vehicles. Therefore, future researches need to take that in mind seriously. Lack of inadequate information on the negative side of the hydrogen powered vehicles is the main weaknesses the study encountered. Nevertheless, the study showed its strength in discussion the most relevant issues concerning the topic such as the benefits and what is meant by the hydrogen powered vehicle, as well as how it works. The study could, therefore, be applied or used to create awareness among people in the society in the need to use such vehicles as a way of meeting going up to standard at present and future generations. This is because hydrogen powered vehicles promote a green environment free from pollution from vehicles. Buy custom Hydrogen Powered Vehicles essay

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Interviewing a relative or friend about managerial accounting Essay - 1

Interviewing a relative or friend about managerial accounting techniques used in their work and writing a summary of the interview - Essay Example I took the opportunity to go to Kim’s company since I did not want to interview him at home. I met his secretary who allowed me to go and see him. I wanted our conversation to be as formal as possible since I had interacted with him on other platforms. After some orientation on the operations of the company, I engaged Kim with questions. Firstly, I focused on understanding the costing systems in the company. Kim was aware that there was a cost accounting system that the company used though he did not know precisely what is was called. However, he was quite clear that the overall cost of production required to be considered in the resource management. Since the company does not have many operations, Kim said that they have simplified financial control system to ensure that operations are run efficiently. At Km’s company, the review of the costing systems is usually done after every one year citing issues of inflation and changing economic patterns. Being a senior manager, Kim has a role in financial decision making in the organization. The senior management usually meets weekly to deliberate on the company operations, trends, acquisitions among other issues. The company uses the break-even analysis in making its financial decisions. This ensures that the company is capable of getting to know its position relative to its profitability. Kim plays a major role in decision-making. As a senior manager, he has a vote in facilitating a consensus on the way the resources in the company are to be spent. In addition, he has the role of ensuring that his department ‘is allocated the resources that are required. In the management, he has the role to defend his projected expenditures as well as giving financial reports on the operations within the department. Kim tells me that the organization is very keen on its budgets. The budgets are